Sarah Hodges


Born and raised in Hawaii, Sarah Hodges began painting under the instruction of her grandfather. Drawing and painting quickly became a valued tool for developing sight, and the beginning of a conversation with the visual experience. An exciting unveiling followed through the years of traveling and art studies. After graduating high school in Hawaii, Sarah moved to the east coast to train with a skilled group of realist painters at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, and then at the Grand Central Academy in New York. She spent these years studying realist techniques and traditions of the Old Masters. Inspired by a summer spent in Florence, Sarah left New York to study at the Florence Academy of Art. Here she was immersed in the artistic history of Italy and spent the year in the studio copying master drawings and paintings to better understand their skilled visual interpretations. Sarah currently lives in Hawaii where she finds inspiration from Hawaii’s natural beauty and from her experiences abroad. The exploration in developing sight continues, and is limitless in subject and style.


To praise the sun is to praise your own eyes. (Jalaluddin Rumi)