Kovar's Mustard Seed Self-Defense Program for Homeless Children

Sol Doc ventured his way to Sacramento to give a live performance for homeless children involved in Kovar's Mustard Seed Self-Defense Program coupled with The Bruce Lee Foundation for their 8th year anniversary celebration. Check out the link below and give them your support.

Established in February 1989 as a free private school for homeless children ages 3-15 years, Sacramento’s Mustard Seed School provides children of homeless families with a safe and welcoming environment where they can not only further their education, but also find stability and understanding. On average, 15-35 children attend The Mustard Seed School every day. The School is an on-site program established by Loaves and Fishes, a regional homeless shelter serving Sacramento’s indigent population. Its funding comes from a combination of private contributions from the community, corporations, grants, family trusts and endowments.