Save the Hummingbird! (Fairfax's New Orleans' Comfort Food)

Michelle Elmore opened up The Hummingbird in downtown Fairfax when she moved from New Orleans shortly after hurricane Katrina. She has created a space that is bright and cheerful, a delicious breakfast/lunch venue with a little sass and style. The Hummingbird brings some Southern flair to Fairfax, including gumbo, fried green tomatoes, beignets and much more.

Michelle Elmore is currently under attack from a predatory lawyer who seeks out small businesses that are not fully compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilitied Act) law and forces them to pay huge settlements to him before they do any expensive repairs. He wants 40K from her or is going to sue her.

Jonathan Korty (manager at 19 Broadway) and David Smadbeck (Owner of THe Sleeping Lady) are opening there venues to host this benefit for The Hummingbird on Saturday, November 30th. There are more than 30 talented local bands playing music all day starting at 5pm for the benefit.

This event is a beautiful example displaying the tight nitch community Fairfax has to offer. We are calling on the community for support and to make this an unforgettable event. Donate to the cause and show your community support!

Thank you
Jeremy Knudsen aka "Sol Doc"

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