Jeremy Knudsen

What do you get when you combine a whole lot of sun, surf, and heart? The answer is Sol Doc.

Sol Doc (Jeremy Knudsen) has California in his veins. Born an eighth generation Californian, Jeremy was destined to grow up in a place notorious for its natural beauty, as well as the ground-breaking artists and musicians that live and thrive there.

Jeremy’s mother, a piano player and member of the Grateful Dead family, encouraged her son’s musical interests from the very beginning. When he was eight years old, he started taking piano lessons. His passion for music grew, and he picked up drums later on in his teens. Growing up in the Bay Area, he began to find many others who were equally driven to express themselves, and to push the borders of what was possible with music.

As the years went by, he drew inspiration from a wide array of artists and genres. East Bay underground artists such as The Grouch, Eli of the Living Legends, as well as Tupac and many others had a very deep impact upon the artist. They opened his eyes to the possibilities of Hip-hop and carried his thoughts to new heights. It became clear that music was so much more than simple entertainment. Music and the power of its message could transform peoples’ lives. Jeremy began to experiment with free-styling, songwriting, and hip hop as his chosen form of self-expression.

After completing high school, Jeremy traveled to Hawaii, where he studied at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. While the island did not boast as many free-stylers as the Bay Area did, Jeremy kept putting together beats in between sessions of surfing and his classes.

The education he gained on the island was valuable in so many ways, but out of all the classes he had attended, “La’au Lapa’au,” stands out the most today. The deep spirituality of the people and their traditions left a lasting impression on the artist. He would pursue the subject and graduate with an Environmental Studies degree, emphasis on La’au Lapa’au.