Sol Doc

Empowering others by guiding them to their true potential as human/spiritual beings via musical influence.

Sol – meaning light                               Doc – as in doctrine

Sol+Doc = Sol Doc (doctrine of light) With his music rooted in love, wisdom, and the desire to make a real change in the world, Sol Doc is changing the face of Hip-Hop. His music shines with a light sparked from the sun, sand, and surf of California and Hawaii. Living in these extraordinary places, surrounded by brilliant musicians, he has found the inspiration for his latest album, Elevate.

Sol Doc came to love music through his family. His mother, a piano player and part of the Grateful Dead family, nurtured her son’s love of music at an early age. As his passion for music grew, he would learn to play piano and drums by the time he graduated. It was the beginning of a pastime that would one day become a way of life. Growing up in the Bay Area, a wellspring of so many talented musicians, Sol Doc had no lack of fellow musicians with which to learn and grow. A fan of the East Bay underground Hip-Hop scene, he was deeply inspired by artists such as The Grouch, Eli of the Living Legends, Tupac, and many others. Inspired by what he’d heard, he began experimenting with free-styling and songwriting. Some of the artists he learned and collaborated with include members of Monophonics, as well as many others.

One friend in particular, Jason Glavis, was especially supportive of these early attempts. Before recording “Life is a Blessing,” Sol Doc had shared this song with Jason. Jason was so enthusiastic about the track that he inspired Sol Doc to join him on stage. With encouragement, he gave the emerging artist the strength and courage to come up on stage and perform for the first time. Though nervous at first, Sol Doc found an unexpected feeling of comfort while performing.

After that first show, his friends and fellow musicians would tell him that “people needed to hear this.” While his first live performances were just beginning, Sol Doc was suddenly presented with a phenomenal opportunity. The band he was collaborating with, (Mi Gaan) was given the opportunity to play for the international Reggae star, Norris Man. After hearing Sol Doc’s music, Norris Man invited him on an extensive tour of Northern California. Sol Doc opened every show with a couple of songs before each set. It was an invaluable experience for the artist, giving him the confidence and skills to pursue music professionally.

When we get up in the morning, we are blessed to have that day. When we fall asleep at night, we are blessed to have that night. From the Pacific Coast to the High Sierra, we are blessed with endless natural beauty, which stirs the imagination and awakens the spirit. Sol Doc is still in the Bay Area, writing and performing more than ever. Sol Doc lives his life and writes songs inspired by what he calls “Sol Doctrine.” It’s a way of life that celebrates the light, love, and soul in everyday, everything, and everyone. Sol Doc asks his listeners to look beyond the façade of our everyday lives to the meaning that lies deep within. His songs celebrate all that we are blessed with, and remind us to be thankful for those blessings every day. Music has the power to spread a righteous message throughout the world. Spread the light! When we give from love, love gives back.